A utility hand is responsible for keeping the equipment in the kitchen and galleys clean and in working order. As such, you play a crucial role in keeping catering operations running smoothly. Even if you don’t usually participate in meal preparation, your behind-the-scenes work is integral in keeping the oil rig crew well-fed, healthy, and productive.

The job of a utility hand varies from site to site in Lafayette, LA, but Mako Catering selects the most capable individuals and prepares them for life at an offshore work environment. Because the job entails diverse assignments, we are looking for candidates who are willing to be trained and do not shy away from challenging roles.


The duties of an offshore utility hand varies, but usually, you will:

Galley Duties

  • Set up and maintain the dishroom, pot washing area, and kitchen equipment
  • Wash the dishes (including pre-rinsing, pre-soaking, rinsing, washing, and sanitizing dinnerware, glassware, and cookware)
  • Keep log sheets for dish machines and three-compartment sinks
  • Perform scheduled maintenance routines (like deliming)
  • Clean and sanitize the galleys, sinks, and other areas, while following sanitation protocol and adhering to cleaning schedules
  • Take out the trash regularly
  • Maintain cleanliness of trash disposal areas, storage facilities, and other assigned areas
  • Assist in receiving and storing food and non-food supplies
  • Clean up messes and spills immediately to avoid accidents

Maintenance Duties

  • Comply with sanitation and safety standards in Lafayette, as well as the regulations entailed by the utility hand position
  • Perform routine maintenance activities and operate maintenance equipment
  • Report accidents, theft, loss, fire, damage, and similar incidents to your supervisor
  • Perform office tasks as required

Screenings and Training

Mako Catering builds capable and professional offshore catering teams for all major boat companies. We achieve this by screening each utility hand applicant thoroughly. This requires the following:

  • Background Checks – We conduct background checks for all of our applicants
  • Training Programs – The work of a utility hand requires a diverse skill set, so you will undergo training specifically for utility work in an offshore kitchen
  • Alcohol and Drug Tests – Mako Catering performs pre-employment and post-accident drug and alcohol screens. We also conduct yearly random tests (at least 50% of our workforce).

The Ideal Candidate

Since a utility hand covers several responsibilities, we look for candidates who can meet the demands of the job. Our ideal candidate:

  • Is in good physical condition, as the work of a utility hand may involve considerable lifting, moving equipment, and climbing
  • Has ability to communicate clearly with teammates
  • Remains calm under stress and pressure
  • Can work independently, with minimal supervision, and as part of a team
  • Has adequate knowledge of operating and maintaining kitchen equipment
  • Upholds safe work practices


As a reputable company, Mako Catering upholds a high standard when it comes to compensation packages. We take care of you because we recognize your value as part of our personnel. With us, you may expect:

  • Competitive Compensation – Our company has a competitive compensation package for our utility hands
  • Insurance – All of our employees are granted life, health, and dental insurance
  • A Family Environment – We nurture a supportive and tight-night work culture that make working offshore a pleasant experience

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