We know that investing in a highly qualified team and combining it with great leadership and support will result in optimal solutions for our clients and the level of satisfaction they can count on, again and again.

MAKO has great pride in providing you with the perfect oilfield personnel company.

Benefits of using MAKO

  • Cost savings

  • Increased efficiency

  • Personnel flexibility

  • Reduced risk management

  • Reduced overhead

  • Access to skilled resources

Proven Service

MAKO COMPANIES service the oil and gas industry, specializing in supplemental personnel throughout the United States and Gulf of Mexico. We strive for excellence by providing cultural leadership and quality assurance to our customers, employees and their families. Our solution-based approach is the key to providing customer satisfaction.

Quality Commitment

MAKO COMPANIES has fostered a culture of commitment and determination, and our ability to successfully adapt to our clients’ needs, requests and conditions has earned us a reputation for being truly unlimited in the things we do.


Frequently asked questions about MAKO COMPANIES.

Yes. Each employee is required to go through our training program. At a customers request, additional training may be added.

Yes. Each employee is screened pre-employment, post-accident, and randomly at a minimum of 50% annually.

Yes. Each employee is screened before they are hired on.

Simply put, our service. MAKO understands that it is not just the personnel in the field but also the leadership within the office, from taking care of a problem to the invoicing process. MAKO makes it easier for everyone involved.

Our goal is zero accidents and injuries. Learn more about our safety policies here.

Our Core Values

Our system ensures we provide the right people for the position. It eliminates the nonsense and captures personnel that want to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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