As an offshore galley hand, you are responsible for assisting the day or night cooks in running the kitchens and serving full-course meals in the oil rig. Mako galley hands have diverse job assignments, ranging from kitchen duties to housekeeping tasks. Your tasks will depend on the project, site regulations of the client, and your shift.

Mako Catering takes pride in its well-trained and professional galley hands, who are integral in keeping kitchen operations efficient and accident-free. We recognize the crucial role that galley hands play, which is why we look for capable individuals who are agile, willing to be trained, and always up for a challenge.


The duties of our offshore galley hands vary from job to job in Lafayette, LA. For the most part, galley hands do:

Culinary Tasks

  • Assist the cook in preparing the meals (preparing ingredients, heating up the grill, etc.)
  • Operate large-volume cooking equipment (deep fryers, griddles, grills, etc.)
  • Assist in dining room preparations
  • Assist in unloading and storing food supplies
  • Sustain a constant supply of fresh coffee
  • Clean and sanitize cooking equipment, cookware, and dinnerware
  • Clean the galleys, including the pantries and walk-in freezer (which may include sweeping, mopping, and waxing the floors)

General Housekeeping

  • Make beds for the employees
  • Clean bathrooms, galleys, and other areas
  • Oversee linen duties (inventory fresh linen, send dirty linen to cleaners, etc.)

Screening and Certifications

Mako Catering galley hands undergo a stringent application process to deliver the kind of exceptional services that major boat companies expect from us. Once you sign with us, you will receive continual training and go through screenings.

  • Background Checks – Mako Catering performs background checks on each employee before we hire them.
  • Training Programs – Since being a galley hand requires several skills, you are required to undergo a training program we’ve designed for the job position. At a customer’s request, you may also undergo additional training.
  • Alcohol and Drug Screenings – We conduct pre-employment and post-accident drug and alcohol screens. We also perform random screenings (minimum 50%) every year.

The Mako Catering Standard

Mako Catering’s galley hands are set apart by a strict sense of responsibility. They face challenging environments and are willing to go beyond their duty to serve the oil rig crew.

As such, you need to:

  • Be physically fit and mentally astute to meet the demands of the role (including lifting, frequent climbing and stooping, prolonged standing and walking. etc.)
  • Possess manual dexterity and control of balance
  • Possess communication skills that enable you to collaborate effectively with people outside your team
  • Be able to withstand high-heat environments and noises from operational oil rig machinery
  • Be alert for sudden tasks and emergencies
  • Work in a relatively remote and confined workplace for a prolonged period
  • Uphold professionalism at all times


Mako Catering values your skills and experience as a galley hand. As such, we ensure you have a suitable compensation package that allows you to enjoy the work you do. We provide:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Life, health, and dental insurance
  • Diverse work opportunities that help you progress in your career

More importantly, we recognize the sacrifices you have to make working far from home for periods. This is why we strive to create a company culture that’s supportive, accepting, and tight-knit. When you’re with Mako Catering, you’re with family.

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