As an offshore night cook, you will be responsible for preparing and serving nutritious and delectable meals to oil rig crews during the graveyard shift. You are also required to follow the highest safety and sanitation standards in Lafayette, LA, as well as adhere to the site’s regulations and the crew’s dietary requirements.

Because you will be working well into the wee hours of the morning, you are expected to be alert and efficient. Our night cook positions are open even for people who are new to oil rig kitchens, but strong work ethic is expected from you.

A Mako night cook is productive, efficient, and willing to go the extra mile to serve the crew.


As a night cook, you are responsible for food preparations during the graveyard shift (the exact hours depend on the company we’re working with). Your duties include:

Meal Preparation

  • Prepare cookware, kitchen tools, and ingredients for the meals (season the meat, chop vegetables, etc.)
  • Cook dishes according to the menu for the day, keeping in mind high quality standards in cooking and presentation
  • Serve meals according to the schedule
  • Oversee food inventory and order supplies according to the kitchen budget and schedule
  • Join menu reviews and suggest dishes for special and seasonal selections

Sanitation and Safety

  • Follow sanitation and hygiene standards in Lafayette, Louisiana, and other company regulations entailed by the night cook job
  • Ensure cleanliness of the kitchens at all times
  • Monitor the serviceability of equipment and appliances
  • Schedule routine tasks for food storage (cleaning the fridge, thawing frozen food, etc.)
  • Report (orally or in writing) injuries, malfunctioning appliances, theft, loss, and other damage to your superior
  • Join meetings and initiatives for workplace safety

Screening and Certifications

Mako Catering provides exceptionally skilled and professional personnel to all the major boat companies we work with. As such, we carry out a comprehensive application process for every potential employee:

  • Background Checks – Before we hire night cooks, we conduct background checks on each applicant.
  • Mandated Training Programs – Job opportunities call for superior culinary skills, which is why you should join our training programs and earn certifications. You are also required to join training programs that are requested by the client.
  • Undergo Company Drug and Alcohol Screens – Mako Catering performs pre-employment and post-accident drug and alcohol screening. We also conduct random screens (minimum of 50%) every year.

The Mako Standard

Solid technical skills, flexibility, and sharp problem-solving skills set our cooks apart from other offshore night cooks in Lafayette, LA. As such, you should manage high-stress environments, adapt to changing menus, and make sure the crew is well-fed, even before the next day starts.

You should:

  • Stay alert and follow the night shift schedule closely
  • Follow your company’s regulations strictly
  • Be physically fit and mentally astute, meeting the demands of the job with ease
  • Provide sustainable solutions
  • Communicate clearly with teammates, superiors, and people outside their team
  • Uphold professionalism and integrity at all times


Mako Catering recognizes the value of each personnel, so we provide excellent compensation packages for qualified offshore night cooks. Expect to:

  • Receive Insurance – You will be entitled to health, life, and dental insurance.
  • Work in Family Environment – You’ll be part of a comfortable, tight-knit, and supportive work culture.
  • Experience Career Growth – You’ll have diverse working opportunities to further hone your skills.

Apply for our offshore night cook positions and be part of a warm family environment. Get in touch with Mako Catering today.

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