As an offshore steward, you play one of the most important roles in sanitation and hygiene in an offshore facility. Your foremost responsibility is to maintain the cleanliness of your assigned areas, prevent accidents, and keep the employees healthy and safe.

The duties of a steward vary from facility to facility, which is why Mako Catering is looking for individuals who are flexible and possesses a diverse skill set. More importantly, we seek people who are willing to be trained and are always up for a challenge.

A strong work ethic and professionalism are expected of every steward from Mako Catering.


Your duties as a steward may include:

Meal Preparation

  • Assist in preparation and serving of meals according to established schedule
  • Assist in maintaining an inventory of food and non-food supplies
  • Ensure an adequate supply of cutlery and crockery during meal times
  • Ensure an adequate supply of cookware and kitchen utensils to cooks and galley hands at all times


  • Clean up spills, messes, and clutter immediately to prevent contamination and accidents
  • Inspect galleys, dining areas, storage areas, living quarters, and other communal areas (whichever area you are assigned) to ensure cleanliness
  • Assist in unloading housekeeping supplies
  • Ensure that housekeeping standards are met in assigned areas
  • Follow the regular deep cleaning routine (which may include cleaning, sweeping, and washing floors, walls, and ceilings)
  • See to it that your assigned area has a steady supply of fresh linen
  • See to it that laundry is done according to schedule and established standards


  • Report maintenance requirements and other relevant paperwork
  • Follow cleaning schedules strictly
  • Report accidents, damage, loss, theft, fire, and similar circumstances to your supervisor

Screening and Training

Mako Catering works with all major boat companies. We provide exceptionally skilled and professional personnel to all of our clients. In line with this standard, we carry out an extensive application process for every potential employee:

  • Background Checks – Mako Catering performs background checks before we hire each employee
  • Training Programs – You’ll undergo a training program that’s designed for your role as a steward. You may also join further training, in case the client requests.
  • Drug and Alcohol Screens – We conduct pre-employment and post-accident alcohol and drug tests. We also perform screens done at random (minimum of 50%) per year.

The Mako Catering Brand of Stewardship

A strong sense of professionalism sets Mako stewards apart from similar offshore roles in Lafayette, LA. We look for something beyond the standard skillset; our ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Is physically and mentally astute to rise up to the challenges of a fast-paced working environment
  • Possesses manual dexterity and control of balance
  • Can withstand high-heat environments (hot kitchen) and noise from oil rig machinery
  • Is prepared to handle and respond to emergencies
  • Can communicate clearly with teammates and people outside his/her team
  • Can work in a relatively remote and confined workplace for a prolonged period


Mako Catering offers rewarding opportunities for qualified individuals. If you want to thrive as a professional in the offshore industry and become part of a reputable company, you can expect:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Life, health, and dental insurance
  • Diverse work opportunities

Because our employees work away from home for long periods, we see to it that our work culture is accepting, supportive, and paves the path for a productive career in stewardship. With Mako Catering, you’ll be with family.

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