The BR hand is an entry level position that provides vital support to members of the kitchen staff. Responsibilities cover dishwashing, cleaning, and housekeeping — everything needed to keep kitchen operations running at a smooth pace.

BR hands have a wide range of tasks, which means you have to be flexible and adapt easily to the working environment. We’re also looking for individuals who are willing to be trained and open to challenges, because offshore hot kitchens present unique problems, and a Mako BR hand rises to the occasion with his or her grit and quick thinking.


The duties of an offshore BR hand include:

Kitchen Duties

  • Wash and sanitize dishware and cookware
  • Clean cooking equipment
  • Assist in maintaining the kitchen inventory
  • Ensure the galleys are clean


  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Dust and polish furniture and fixtures
  • Wash windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces
  • Take out the trash and clean the trash disposal areas
  • Report anything that needs repairs or replacements

Screenings and Training

Mako Catering has built a reputation for providing the right people for the right jobs in various offshore facilities. To continue the tradition of superior staffing solutions, we screen applicants and train employees thoroughly.

We conduct:

  • Background Checks — We screen every BR hand applicant before we hire them.
  • Alcohol and Drug Screens — We perform pre-employment and post-accident drug and alcohol screens. On top of that, we perform drug and alcohol screens randomly every year (testing about 50% of our employees).
  • Training Programs — To prepare you for life in an offshore oil facility, we will conduct training sessions designed specifically for a BR hand position.

The Ideal Mako BR Hand

Because the work of a BR hand involves diverse tasks, we are looking for candidates who can meet the demands of the job and will go above and beyond duties to make sure meal times go as planned.

An ideal BR hand:

  • Is physically fit, because the job may involve prolonged standing, considerable lifting, and climbing
  • Possesses manual dexterity and control of balance
  • Is prepared to handle emergencies
  • Has excellent communication skills that enable him or her to work with people outside his or her team
  • Has an adequate knowledge of operating and maintaining kitchen and galley equipment
  • Prioritizes safety at all times


Mako Catering provides a suitable compensation package for the right candidates. Once you sign in with us, you will receive:

  • Competitive Wages – We take pride in our compensation packages for BR hands.
  • Insurance – You will be entitled to life, health, and dental insurance.
  • Support from an Appreciative Team – Mako Catering nurtures a close-knit environment. Because you work away from home, we see to it that your kitchen team will be your second family.

Enjoy excellent compensation and lucrative offshore work opportunities. Apply for a BR hand position in Lafayette today.

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