As an offshore rigger, you will be responsible for safely loading and unloading cargo from boat to docks, rigs, and platforms for different offshore companies from Lafayette, LA. throughout the Gulf Coast. Our offshore riggers comply with the highest safety and industry standards and prioritize the health and safety of cargo and personnel at all times.

Mako personnel are known for their work ethic. Since regulations will vary from job to job (such as site policies), flexibility is a key trait for every offshore rigger candidate.


You will be responsible for the daily loading and unloading of cargo on site. Your primary duties as an offshore rigger include:

  • verify load and weight by markings on the load and paperwork
  • keeping all unnecessary personnel out of the lifting areas
  • never allow anyone under a load
  • show competency in using hand signals used in material handling
  • select and inspect proper rigging equipment
  • stand in a clear view of the crane operator
  • adhere to relevant safety regulations as well as company regulations entailed by specific offshore rigging jobs
  • halting operations and alerting the operator to any unsafe conditions during lifts
  • stay a safe distance from hook, block, and boom
  • maintain the cleanliness of rigging equipment

Screening and Certifications

As part of Mako Unlimited, you may expect:

  • Background Checks – We perform thorough background checks on each employee before we hire them.
  • Training for Certifications – Each employee is required to undergo training that comes with certifications. You may also need to participate in additional training at the client’s request.
  • Mandated to Join Drug and Alcohol Screens – Mako Unlimited performs pre-employment and post-accident drug and alcohol screening on each employee. Additionally, we perform random alcohol and drug screens (minimum of 50%) every year.

The Mako Unlimited Standard

Mako Unlimited’s riggers set themselves apart from other offshore riggers in Lafayette through sheer flexibility and strong problem-solving skills.

This is why we are looking for professionals who are capable, dependable, and never lose sight of the Mako goal: to make sure the client’s crew receives professional and experienced services every time.

You will:

  • Work as part of a small or large team, as well as on his or her own
  • Comply with the site or vessel’s regulations
  • Collaborate with teammates, as well as people outside their team
  • Possess physical fitness that enables you to carry out kitchen duties with ease
  • Uphold integrity and professionalism at all times
  • Carry a goal of zero accidents and injuries


We value your skills and experience as an offshore rigger. As part of our commitment to ensuring you continue to love what you do, we offer the following:

  • Insurance – We provide health, dental, and life insurance.
  • Diverse Job Opportunities – We are committed to helping you progress in your careers.
  • A Family Environment – Since you’ll be working away from home for long periods, we foster a work culture that’s as comfortable and accepting as a family.

Apply for our offshore rigging positions and be part of a warm family environment. Contact our Lafayette, LA team today.

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